About Us

My Travel Case is one of the country's largest and most successful travel agencies.

About Us

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Our Story

One day, one jump and two years of passion

We are the major performer in online flight booking system all across the India, My Travel Case provides several extraordinary offers, some of the least expensive airfares, selective limits and an immaculate online booking customer experience. Flight, holiday trip and hotel booking portal accessible through the computer or mobile friendly site, is a brilliant client oriented quality experience, and with only a couple of clicks you can finish your booking.

The extraordinary thing about my travel case is that you can truly make it your own. It’s not only something for only adult people to enjoy. They’re the ideal route for families to get to know one another. What’s more, there are some extremely fun, family-accommodating spots to visit, from city zoos, to untamed wild life sanctuaries. Indeed, even huge tourist spots and famous sights can keep everybody including the children happy and satisfied with the trip.

About My Travel Case

What We Do?

We plan, organize, and conduct tours and trips for individuals or groups. Our duty is to assist travelers with the travel schedules, available vacation packages, food facilities, guiding them in new places, and assisting in their needs. We assess tourist's needs and help them with the best possible travel arrangements.

  • International and Domestic Air Tickets, Holiday Packages and Hotels.
  • We have competitive hotel rates
  • Domestic Bus and Rail Tickets
  • Private Car and Taxi Rentals
  • Hotel Booking, We are operational round the clock 24 x 7.

How we are assisting our valuable guests.

Air Booking

Our exceptionally good relations with the Domestic and International Airlines enable us to come up with very good discounts for our clients. We can offer tickets of all the domestic carriers be it normal carriers or low cost carriers, with the real time status. We capable of offering almost all the international carriers.

Car Rental Services

We have a large fleet of cars / coaches at our disposal, and having the fleet itself is not enough, we need to see that we use best transport for our clients, and provide them a good value for their money, hence we have maintained a separate department taking care of all our transport requirements.

Hotel Booking for India

Individual or group booking in any hotel of any category and in any part of Indian subcontinent can be provided instantly. Owing to our very good connections with the hotels in almost every part of the country, we are always in a position to offer very lucrative discounted rates to our clients. Please enter our hotel query form and just let us know the name of city and category of hotel and wait for sometime. Our professionals will get back to you in no time with a number of suitable options.

Facilitation services:

We are fully capable of offering services with regards to Visa and passport. Also we are a Full fledged Money changer we can facilitate your money changing transactions.


Excellence: We must strive for excellence in whatever we do. Focus on continuous improvement in interactions with people, efficiency of processes, and the wellbeing of the organization.

Customer Centricity: We must maintain focus on our customers, both internal & external, by giving them priority. Strive to exceed their expectations in terms of the value and quality delivered.

Teamwork: We must foster an environment wherein we can efficiently utilise the abilities of all team members to achieve goals. We should work on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Fun@Work: We must create and maintain an atmosphere of fun while at work, making work a happy place we can all look forward to.

Respect for People: We must give everyone, with whom we interact, respect and consideration.