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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

What exactly is the Affiliate Program by MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions

Become a Partner with one of India's leading and fast-growing travel sites — and help your users discover some great ideas for their trips.

Our Affiliate program allows you to leverage yourself and MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions brand to enhance your content, earn a good income via hotel traffic, and provide the viewers/users access to rich content which can span over a million reviews about million spaces to stay.


But – Why Join Us?


Link to top-rated hotels on MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions and earn the commission out of the revenue we receive from our hotel booking partners when users will track your link, check in to our partners, and finally to MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions.

No Hotel Booking Mandatory

Sometimes, your users may still be going through the planning or research stage — so you need not push a sale there. The point to note here is you will still get paid when users click on our hotel booking partners, regardless of whether they actually book it or not.

Multi-optional Attribution Model

We also offer a 15-day referral window which means, if your users return to MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions within that period and click out to our partners, you'll get your credit and still be eligible to earn commissions — even if they come back via some different device or via other channels, say banners or ads.

Effortless Embedded Links

It's not mandatory to add any sponsored posts with MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions. Just weave our links into your content where it feels natural and original — in a way that suits and complements your work too.

How Exactly Will You Earn Commissions?

When a user comes to MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions through the affiliate link, created by you, on your Site and subsequently clicks on the hotel booking links on MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions, they are/will be sent on to our partners, say booking partners and you have ensured yourself a commission at that very moment.

YOUR SITE/CONTENT -------- MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions (CLICKS) -------- HOTELS/BOOKING PARTNERS

There is no booking mandatory required; the user just needs to click out from MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions to any of our hotel booking partners. Moreover, Yes, the amount earned per click will depend on factors like the given booking partner, hotel, seasonality, demands, reviews, or length of stay.

You will love working with MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions as an Affiliate as our Platform Offers:

  • 1. Vast Product Coverage
  • 2. Simple Processes and 24*7 Customer Support
  • 3. Analytics & Reports will help you track, analyze your performance and reports, and understand them so you can work on any of the shortcomings and maximize your efforts, resulting in more revenue.
  • 4. Free and Impressive Tools will help you to convert maximum traffic into booking, hence increasing the conversion rate.

Getting Started

  • 1. Choose a Network Partner - We have a pair of network partners that will provide you with the link generators, help with user tracking, and pay the commissions directly. You can sign up with any of them for free, and offer the very same program terms, global tracking, or even payouts.
  • 2. Search and reach to MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions - Once you are signed up, you can find us on the network platform and apply there to join our affiliate program.
  • For further details on approval criteria, please check the FAQs out.

  • 3. Start creating your Links - Now you can use the various tools provided by the networks to create track-able or affiliate links to any page on our Site - MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions and add them to your site.