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Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

AGREEMENT between MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions and their Customers

The Website is operated MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions, an international travel company. An access to this Website through desktop, pc, laptop, mobile devices and/or any device that has a capability of getting connected to an Internet will be included in reference to the term 'Website'. The Website would concentrate solely on assisting customers to gather any travel specific information, checking out travel-related products and their availability, able to book reservations or even transacting business with multiple travel suppliers, and the Website shall not be used for any other purpose mentioned above. The term "MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions" refers to MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions, its subsidiaries and its corporate affiliates as a pack. The term "MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions Partners" refers to any of the linked, affiliated or co-branded websites via whom MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions provides links, contents or services. And the term "you" refers to the customer opening or visiting the Website and/or booking reservation through MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions on the Website, or through Customer Support.

The Website offers its services to you considering that you agree to its conditions and you accept its all terms without modifications and points as are mentioned in (the "Terms of Use"). Kindly go through the Terms of Use mentioned below, carefully. You agree that the Terms of Use shall apply automatically when you're accessing or using this Website for any of the purpose - booking any reservations for travel, checking out the products or services on the Website, or contacting Customer support. If, in case, you do not agree to the Terms of Use - kindly do not use the website for booking reservations or even contact our Customer Support guides. MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions reserves the right to change these Terms of Use, any time they term it as required and your continuous use of the Website would mean your acceptance to any update in Terms of Use or Conditions.


When you use this Website, the conditions you agree to:

  • • You are not less than 18 years of age and are of sound mind,
  • • You possess any legal authority to create a binding legal obligation,
  • • You will use this Website as is required in the Terms of Use
  • • Only legitimate reservations will be made via this website by you, either for you or for any other person for whom you're legally authorized to act
  • • You will inform such other persons about the Terms of Use that would apply to the reservations you have booked on their behalf, including all rules and restrictions applicable to that,
  • Any information provided by you on the Website is true, intact and accurate
  • • If you have opened an online account with this Website, you are responsible to protecting your account information, are able to supervise your account and be wholly responsible for any use of your account by you or any other person as authorized by you

Also, you agree not to upload, modify, publish, host, display, transmit, store, update or share any information that:

  • • belongs or owned by some other person to which you don't have any right ;
  • • is obscene, pornographic, pedophilia, defamatory or invasive of another’s privacy - be it bodily privacy, insulting someone or harassing on basis of gender, anything objectionable - ethically or racially, relating to or encouraging money laundering/ gambling - directly or indirectly, or else inconsistent with or contrary to the laws;
  • • Is harmful to the children in any form;
  • • Infringes with any copyright, patent, trademark or other proprietary rights;
  • • Violates any law in any form;
  • • Deceiving/misleading the addressee about the origin of the message or intentionally communicate any kind of information which is originally false and misleading in nature but has been presented to be perceived as a fact;
  • • Impersonation of another person;
  • • Threaten the unity, integrity, defense, security or sovereignty of our country, friendly relations with foreign States, insulting other nation or public authority, destroying public order, or cause an incitement to the commission of any of the cognizable offense or any act which is targeted to prevent investigation of any offense ;
  • • Is illegal, false or untrue, and is written or published in any form, with the intent to mislead or harass a person, entity or agency for financial gain or to cause injury to other person ;
  • • Contain a software virus or any other computer code, file or program designed and created to interrupt, target, destroy or limit the functionality of any of the computer resource;

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to deny access to this Website to any such person and all the services we offer, at any time without a prior notice with other reasons including, but not limited to, the violation of these terms and conditions of this Website.