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Need some adventure in your life? If Yes and traveling is your first love then you are definitely at the right place - MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions.

MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions is one of India's leading travel companies via online technology/. We're a new, young and entrepreneurial brand, and every office of ours would make you feel that way. We started as a general travel-based startup founded by our techies or entrepreneurs who felt great potential in the travel industry. Actually, they felt that people in our country love to travel and wander places but there is some gap and they have minimal options. Today, we’re developing a platform that helps to connect every part of a trip – from getting to the desired place to setting up your stay, wandering around, seeing the sights, and sampling local life. Last year, we helped around a million people travel around to explore things, for leisure or even business tours.

Continue Reading to see what life @ MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions is like, what all skills do we look for, and how much passion should you have while joining MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions, and it will be a great step in your career.

2500+ People Connected and Growing Each Day

Business at MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions

Our entrepreneurs had this as a passion and we're glad that we were able to convert our passion into a business. We have most of the variety of customers who have trust in us and we feel their pulse really well. We're trusted by and deal with large global businesses for managing their employees' business tours, which makes us feel more confident that we've set our vision right. Our vision is to become one of the largest travel companies in this world, to be able to cater to every traveler and manage their travel, give them a wonderful travel experience, in the best way possible.

A walk-through of our offices will tell you exactly how varied our businesses, and the people managing them, are. Whatsoever is your expertise, your style, your interest, or your skill - as long as travel and technology is your passion - you'll surely find an interesting role and love your role at MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions.

Technology, Travel, Passion, Love, and People

Life @ MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions

With MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions - expect inspiration, experience rigor, and more growth each day

We're a 'young' establishment that believes in winning whatever we do. We train our people, empower them and instill confidence in them, so they can think, act and deliver with a passionate zeal.

This world is a pretty big place -Yes, but we continue to innovate across every office of ours all over our country. We’re solving the most complex challenges people face in/during travel and technologies involved, helping them plan exciting traveling ahead.

Our multiple offices across India employ tech fanatics, product descriptors, service warriors, customer-oriented, and strategy Buddha’s. Able to drive such a diverse work team requires Us to be extremely understanding, flexible, and quick learners in managing our most important assets - our people. To achieve all this, we ensure we hire the right people - provide them with an excellent work environment, give the best possible employ care and look after them well and reward them rightly for their performances. By doing all this, we're able to ensure all our workers and even our customers that they would get the best experience in travel and booking with MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions.

Diversity, Opportunity, Promotion, Bonus, and Growth

What's All In It for You?

At MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions, you can expect and experience an exciting, professional, fast-track career with a proper work-life balance along with many other benefits such as promotions, bonuses, and gifts. If Virtualization or imagination is your cup of tea - just think of an office environment that is colorful, vibrant, ever-evolving, and no mundane feeling, entrepreneurial, happy, and positive-vibes and at the same time, stable.

Some of the basic benefits of starting your Career with MyTravelCase venture of hokis solutions:

  • • Growth Opportunities
  • • Medical Coverage Facilities
  • • Travel Perks
  • • Flexible Working Hours
  • • Maternity Benefits
  • • Paternity Benefits
  • • Retirement Benefits
  • • L&D and Education Sponsorship
  • • Salary Advance during Emergency

So if you would like to join our Talent Network or our recruitment team, kindly go to the Sing Up button below and we will reach out to you whenever there is a job available which matches your skills and past experiences (if any).